Memory foam mattress buying guide

Memory foam mattresses have visco-elastic property that enables your body to minimize stress on your pressure points. Most people are astonished by the initial firmness of memory foam mattresses. But it is an advantage to people who experience back pain and likes firm mattresses.

Memory foam mattressesPeople have different preferences so there is no best firmness for memory foam mattresses. There are people who like it best when it’s of low density, others like high density foams. Density on foam mattresses refers to its corresponding weight per cubic foot. Low density foams are about 3 pounds density that means it weighs 3 pounds per cubic foot.

High density foams are around 5 to 6 pounds. Though low density foam is a bit softer, it is not durable as much as high density foam. But the stiffness of low and high density memory foam mattresses is quite similar when you first lay your body on them. It softens as it warms up. If you really prefer soft and durable, then memory foam mattresses that provides pillow on top is the best choice for you.

Memory foam mattresses can be fabricated from different materials. Spring mattresses with a thin piece of memory foam serving as a pillow is available. There are also mattresses that are half foam and half latex or any other material. Different combination of materials has distinct quality to offer to its user. You just have to be sure to read the label so that you will know what suits you best.

Gel memory foam mattress

Gel memory foam mattressDespite the growing popularity of memory foam mattresses, there are a number of people who feel inconvenience in it. The fact that it gets too hot when people sleep on them gives discomfort. To address this flaw, manufactures added gel to the material to increase air circulation on the foam. This provides cooler effect to users while sleeping. Unlike any other gel foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses maintain balance to the weight of its user. Because of this, they will not sink too much on the foam. Its density range from 3 pounds to 6 pounds. The firmer it gets when the number increases.

Best Price Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID by LinenSpa 6 inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress Customer Reviews:

LUCID 6 inch memory foam mattress

LUCID 6 inch memory foam mattress

I purchased this mattress because I had heard my good things about memory foam mattresses and as I was moving into a new place, I wanted to buy a brand new mattress for myself.

It was delivered swiftly and I took it up to my apartment with some difficulty but that was my own mistake. When I unpacked the box and removed the wrappings off the professionally packed mattress, I was surprised to see the pack unrolling into a complete mattress. The directions on the package provided to spread the mattress for 48 hours to allow it to expand but it reached its full expansion within 24 hours.

I tried the mattress and was quite happy to feel how remarkably comfortable it was. I was looking for a firm mattress without that horrible sinking feeling. I loved to see that this mattress met all my requirements. It was perfectly firm but amazingly soft. Note that I slept on the mattress while it was spread on the floor!

After some days, my bed frame was delivered and I spread the LUCID by LinenSpa Memory Foam Mattress on the frame. It is just perfect. My back ache has completely gone. I totally love this product!


I switch places every now and then but I despise moving my furniture along with me. I usually purchase this mattress each time I change places. I found this mattress better than the 12 inch LUCID memory foam mattress I had. It is firmer and much comfy. The previous one made indentations when I slept on it and it was somewhat hard to get out of it. This mattress is not at all like the previous one. These mattresses satisfy me every time I buy them but I have never used any of them for more than a year or may be two years. I usually donate them to charity when they are almost new. I would buy a new one again.


This mattress is extremely comfortable. We have topped it over the old mattress we had which acts like an additional padding. It has made it perfect without us having to spend money on memory foam pad.

My husband is suffering from back issues because he had met an accident some years back and broke his backbone. He would have irritations in the arms and legs all through the night. Now with this new mattress, his sleep patterns have significantly improved. He is having an uninterrupted sleep without having any irritations in legs and arms. His shoulders and back is perfectly aligned and he has stopped tossing and turning. I would definitely recommend the mattress to those who are having unnerving back problems.

How To Choose Proper Shoes and Mattress To Relieve Back Pain

Many of today’s popular fashions contribute to back pain. Have you ever seen how young women struggle to keep a straight back when walking in heels? Don’t make the same mistake that many people make at a young age. This article will discuss how to find shoes that will help you keep a good posture and to avoid back pain.

Choose Proper Shoes To Relieve Back Pain

Choose Proper Shoes To Relieve Back Pain

Many shoes are perfectly appropriate to help your back pain. The most important aspect of choosing any shoes is the fit. Never purchase shoes that are one size or half a size too big. Always try on your shoes and ensure they fit width and length wise. Walk around the shoe store wearing the shoes to make sure they provide proper fit.

The hardest part about shoe shopping is finding a shoe that looks good, but still offers arch support. Shoes that have no arch support generally are the cause of back pain. Your feet have arches that need to be kept in shape and the only way to do that is to choose shoes that have arch support. Select a shoe that has arch support which lands directly where your foot’s arch is. High heels should be avoided at all costs as they cause the wearer to have a sway back. This will put more pressure on your lower back, eventually contributing to back pain and scoliosis in some cases.

Consider how much you roll your feet when you walk. Do you roll them inward too much or too little? If your feet don’t roll inwardly enough, your shoes are not working properly to absorb the shock of each step. This will often contribute to back pain. If you aren’t getting enough rolling motions when you walk, purchase shoes that are flexible with extra cushioning to fix this.

If your feet roll too much, also referred to as overpronation, choose shoes that are much more rigid and supportive. Orthotic shoes are the best option for people who experience too much rolling. These types of shoes are able to properly stabilize feet, absorb shock and support the arch as well as heels.

When shopping for shoes that help relieve back pain, always go to a professional shoe store. The employees should be able to help match your foot and back needs with the perfect pair of shoes. Avoid going to trendy shops as the shoes sold there are not ideal for people who suffer from back pain. It must be noted that often shoes that provide good support are rarely attractive or trendy looking. Never sacrifice your overall back health for the sake of looking good. You will pay later in life when you have trouble getting through the day without pain.

If you don’t find any shoes that offer good arch support, consider purchasing Dr. Scholl’s arch support insoles. They can be matched to your foot’s arch type and they can be inserted into virtually any of your favorite shoes. This is a good investment and can work with some of the shoes that you already own.

As you can see, there is more to choosing the right shoes than meets the eye. If you suffer from periodic back pain, it is imperative you choose a supportive pair of shoes. Use what you have learned today to grab a pair of shoes that work for you!

Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Choose Proper Mattress is another way to relieve back pain. Here we will review the beautyrest. Beautyrest mattress is Simmons flagship brand. It was in 1925 when they introduced the product and became the favorite of celebrity, fashion and glamour. Famous people praised the quality of the pocketed coil springs and quality of sleep experience that comes with every mattress. It is a product of 85 years of innovation.

Choose Proper mattress To Relieve Back Pain

Choose Proper mattress To Relieve Back Pain

Why choose Beautyrest mattress?

  • Ultimate undisturbed sleep – It has super pocketed coil springs (patented no flip) that adjust with weight and shape your body. It provides undisturbed sleep because there is no chain reaction of any movement you make, either you turn or move, sleeping partner will not be disturbed.
  • Motion separation – the pocketed coils are not joined together, neither at the top nor at the bottom so it minimize the transfer of motion your sleeping partner.
  • Conformability – wrapped in soft and strong fabric. The cushion they use is either visco-memory foam or natural latex foam that provides comfort and support.

Beautyrest mattress collection

  • The Beautyrest Classic – it has enhanced motion separation and contours to your body shape. Used luxury fabrics for sophisticated look. Gives maximum comfort and support.
  • The Beautyrest Anniversary – it provides higher level of comfort, support and motion separation. It has supports bases that add to the stability of patented no-flip constructions.
  • The Beautyrest World Class – Refined motion separation. Harmonizing comfort and support because of foam quilting.
  • The Beautyrest Exceptionale – it provides ultimate support and conformability and highest level of motion separation. Features three inches of high density foam.
  • The Beautyrest NXG series – features quantumlock for maximum durability and sleeping surface. Uses advanced NXG memory foam or both latex and memory foam for superior heat dissipation, consistent comfort and quicker recovery.

It has been used for so many generations, many testimony and reviews that can attest that Beautyrest mattress is a good choice.

Beautyrest Mattress Reviews Online

Below you’ll find the posts at from the Beautyrest mattress category. I highly recommend you read each of them if you’re serious about finding the best mattress for your needs.

If you’re just starting out looking for mattresses for your home, I’d recommend reading the ‘Ultimate Mattress Buyers Guide’ where we detail the most important features and specifications as well as the common pitfalls and mistakes you can make when buying a mattress.

Supplement For Optimal Eye Health

By the time we reach our forties, a good many of us are taking some sort of supplement to make up for a nutritional deficit in our diets.

With aging a primary issue, we tend to be concerned over bone, muscle, skin, immunity, and brain health as we head into the middle years. We’re constantly thinking about how old we look, how old we feel, even how old we get — and while most have noticed a decline in eyesight and may have discussed eyeglasses or contacts with an optometrist, too few go any further to protect the eyes than donning sunglasses when the sun is shining bright.

In this age of bioidentical hormones, probiotics, and vitamins that aid in slowing the aging of our bodies, skin, and brains, it is important to realize that we have some control over the progression of age-related eye problems.  For professional services, visit optometrist carrollton tx.

Protecting the eyes from the sun and the the glare of computer and television screens is just one important part of taking care of vision.

We can improve eye health by improving circulation through exercise, abstaining from smoking, and careful management of blood pressure and blood sugar, but for best results, our focus should be on nutrition.

Eyes must be nourished for optimal health. There are two carotenoids that are especially good for the eyes: lutein and zeaxanthin.

According to the American Optometric Association (Reference below), diets that are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, whether due to food consumption or supplementation, decrease the progression of macular degeneration and protect eyes against the development of cataracts. Unfortunately, the modern diet tends to be deficient in both of these amazing nutrients. Aside from eating more green vegetables, corn, and eggs, we can supplement our diets with a formula designed specifically for the eyes or take a multivitamin that contains both.

Protect Your Investment With Appliance Care

Keeping your appliances in good repair is the best way to maximize your investment and make sure your appliances give you years of reliable service. Basic, routine care and servicing can help you maximize your appliance’s performance and can even help you reduce utility bills.

At least once every six months, you should defrost your refrigerator and freezer. Remove everything from your fridge and freezer, unplug it and clean the inside and outside of the appliance with an antibacterial cleanser. Be sure you clean the seal lining strip since this is a prime area where bacteria can and does grow. Make sure you clean the underside of your refrigerator and remove all the dust that collects in this area. Clearing this area of dirt and debris will help prevent electrical fires and increase the performance of your refrigerator.

If you find your refrigerator is not keeping foods cold or frozen, you may need to call in a professional repair technician. It may be that all you need is a simple parts replacement to take care of the problem and a repair expert can take care of the job quickly and efficiently. If it is a major job, it may be more cost effective to replace your refrigerator and a repair professional can help you decide which way to go.

Check your oven with a thermometer to make sure it is reaching the correct temperatures. If you find your oven is not keeping or reaching the temperature you selected, you may need an element replacement. You can do this yourself relatively easily by following the instructions on your manufacturer’s care and trouble shooting guide.

Appliances are a major investment. Protect the money you put into your appliances with regular care and servicing. Call on professionals such as appliance repair houston when you need help and keep your home running smoothly.